How to setup Email in virtualmin?

I am a very new newbie in regards of setting email. I was following the instruction to set email client, the error message I get is "We couldn’t connect to the outgoing(STMP) server. " I don’t know from which part the problem starts, so I will try to list all the details here:

The email I want to setup is, is an alias virtual server of Both websites are properly working.’s DNS setting is as follow:
A RECORD: -> my virtual server’s IP
In virtualmin, under I did “Edit users -> Add a user to this server”, and added “staff”, the “IMAP / POP3 / FTP login” being “staff.mywebsite-alias-com”.

In Outlook, for account type I tried both IMAP and POP, “” for Incoming Mail and “” for Outgoing Mail, “Encryption Method” is “none” for both incoming and outgoing, but it keeps saying can’t connect to SMTP.

So which setting should I look into to solve this problem?


Drop me a line and we can setup a time to address your issues.