How to setup autodiscover for email?

I am a bit confused how to setup autodiscover for email…

I have a mail server and I want everyone to use the server domain as I have SSL on that, and not use their own domain as the mail server.

So for example, has MX records

If I set the MX record to then Thunderbird autodiscover finds it OK. When i change MX record to then Thunderbird says its failed to find the settings.

Basically any domain I have my email server as the MX record I want autodiscover to find the settings OK.

Also, Apple Mail just doesnt work regardless of MX record. What do I need to do to get Apple Mail to autodiscover?

I have not tested Outlook as I dont have it.


I added a CNAME to point to myemailserver.combut still not working.

I need help on this also.
When I look at it shows, however Thunderbird can’t find Settings for email. How to forbid autodiscover from browsers? I want only to be accessible ?

Virtualmin + Ubuntu 16.04 on VPS

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