How to setup a user for creating domains for use with WHMCS using Virtualmin?

Hi folks.
I’m trying to figure out something.
I already have a user account setup in Virtualmin.
I’m trying to insure that the account in question has permissions to create any domain (even if it’s not an existing one) and yet, have it not be the master admin account in question.
Any ideas on how to do this?
Also, in terms of virtualmin and status details, does Virtualmin provide a systems status page I can upload to my WHMCS?
For example:

you should create a user in webmin (not virtualmin) and assign only the module Virtualmin Virtual Servers to it.

The status script is provided by WHMCS but Ill attach it to this post for you. You will need to change the ext from jpg tot php …

Okay, so then how do I assign that module to the proper user? Thanks.

webmin-webmin-webmin users - click on the user - click on Available Webmin modules and assign the module.