How to Set Webalizer Global Config to show "all urls" link

harumph… I solved this before, but somehow the Webalizer config file got zapped back to defaults and I did not document what I did… I can’t find it anywhere today.

Under the panel “Top 30 URLs” you can set an option have a link appear “Show All URLs” that takes you to a page with the hits for every single served by the server for the entire month in a long list.

But, I can’t find where to enable this?

[foot in mouth]… hmmm. well, I actually had the setting needed: under Global there is “Generate Pages listing all” and the option is there to check URLs… OK, this is working on most months. But we have an anamoly (after years of ignoring stats someone on the team here wants everything now) The question is to do an analysis for the past year, but the problem is

a) the month of April is completely missing from the Webalizer stats and
b) the month of May under “Top URL’s” where one should see “View All URLs” that link does not appear, where as it does on all the other 10 months that appear in the “Summary Period: Last 12 Months” (minus April)

So now the question becomes, in the absence of accesslogs from those old months, does webalizer have the data to regenerate April (completely missing) and also generate an “All URLs” listing for the month of May (which only shows top table lists now… )


I suspect this is way OT for this forum, and i will keep digging on my own but any clues will be appreciated.