How to set up reseller a/cs with correct DNS info


I wish to set up my DNS and the Users so that I can have two resllers that can set up their own virtual servers. The clients (owners of the VS) should see their respective reseller as the nameserver and if possible also see that name in the System Hostname.

I have a dedicated server from Rackmounted.
They have given me two IP addresses. and

I have registered many names with and they use to manage the domain names including assigning the name servers.

I have registered a name that I wish to use as the main account.

and also two domains for the resellers.

Why have two resellers ? Because they approach web hosting in different ways and help different types of clients.

Is the following the correct procedure ?

First, the main account.

On â

i think it would not be a problem if you add several nameservers on the same IP’s if you’ll add them as virtual interfaces and put them in the hostaddresses…I’m not 100% sure though, you’ll have to try it out.

Then you can create server templates and define the (resellers) nameservers for that template. So you will have 2 server templates for two resellers.

Then make the reseller accounts and assign the domains to them and the server template you want them to use.

I don’t think you can “mask” the systems hostname.
I do think you should just set it up and take a trial and error path and per haps others will chip in here too.

Thanks for that input.

How will all this effect the cpu loading ?

I will have three pairs of name servers, thats 6 nameservers

Quote: "A DNS server runs special-purpose networking software, features a public IP address,and contains a database of network names and addresses for other Internet hosts."

Will this cause a big overhead on memory or CPU power ?

no not to my knowledge
I dont ever see ‘named’ using cpu at all and at any time about 60mb of ram.

Wow. Why are you making it all so complicated? That kinda makes no sense. :wink:

BIND is reasonably lightweight, though it depends on how heavily it is used…DNS is a very cache focused service, and so if the server is used for many domains and many outgoing queries (for requests from local clients, like email), then it could grow to 100MB, or so. Only the primary would do that, though. All the others would be a few MB each…maybe 16MB? I dunno. It’s been a while since I’ve had a purely authoritative name server without at least some caching name server duties.

So how do I do this in an "uncomplicated way" ?