How to set up client mail (Thunderbird)


I cannot use my client (thunderbird) to get access to mail server.

Roundcube/webmail is working well, only client doesnt work.

This are my settings (I have “” and DOMAIN as username):

If your “mail” CNAME is not setup yet, try using your FQDN for the hostname portion. Outgoing try 465 with SSL/TLS.

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I have “mail” A my_ip_address
dont have a CNAME for “mail.DOMAIN”, only “A”

this is the DNS:

doesnt work with DOMAIN without “mail”

I have resolved with this video:

I set “mail.DOMAIN” and STARTTLS, with 143 as port for IMAP.

I had to confirm “security exception” for the certificate

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Is it normal having a “security exception”?
I have fixed SSL certificate (copy to dovecot and postfix), but I had to confirm exception

@wolfseo yes. its expected - remember you are not google nor ms or other milion paid company to be in a list also there is tons of material online to learn this… since you do your certs you have to confirm even if its le - you would have to confirm… means you know what you are doing.