How to set up a catch-all e-mail address

I’ve searched the forums and the VM manual, but couldn’t find any info about how to set up a catch-all e-mail address.

P.S. It would be nice to have an advanced search feature for the forums.

Edit Mail Aliases -> Create Mail Alias

check --> All mailboxes

If the default aliases are going to the same person you can remove those – if they are going to different email accounts then leave them. The catchall will catch what is left.

ALSO catchalls are [color=#FF0000]DISCOURAGED[/color]

because spammers use dictionary attacks and all email will accepted causing massive server load for spam and virus checking that is why it’s not documented.

NOTE !!! To any future reader – Catchall email addresses are [color=#FF0000]NOT recommended for any reason[/color].

Please do not do this and then come here to complain about massive spam and/or virus’. I will ignore you if you do and most likely everyone else will too.<br><br>Post edited by: sgrayban, at: 2008/02/19 05:42