How to Set Protected Directories

I urgently need to find out where in the GUI I can protect specific directories with a user and password such that the .htaccess files are created (which I do not know how to do by hand)

Our migration from Plesk did not bring these over and this is a major security risk for some site areas. I had to take our down (knocked it off the DNS) until I can find out how to do this.

I have enabled protected directories module in my Features and Plugins and but having done so, it is not clear exactly where to go to set them… I’m diggin thru all menus (again!) but the documentation does not show the actual path to go to do it. Suggest all documenation include something like:

virtualMin --> Services – Config Website --> icon ???

OK I’ve studied all the options and found the WebMin–>Others–Protected directories, but after a lot of research I still can’t find out how to OK I give up… I’ve searched the web, gone to
for over an hour and still I don’t see any clear documentation or GUI option to add a user who has only the basic authentication permissions for accessing a single protected directory. I can add unix users, ftp users, mail uses etc. but how to just add a user who has only basic authentication rights to a protected directory.