How To Set Disk Quota Per User & Add Disk Qutota Monitoring Like Brandwidth Quota Monitoring For Every User

hi there, i have started my hosting business with virtualmin but had a great problem staring at this. all the features are great, but getting unable to add disk quota monitoring. i have changed “Account Plans” & set my disk quota & also set the hard limitation in server templates option. but if a user exceeds disk quota, no actions are taken. now can’t understand how to resolve this & can show the disk usage like brandwidth usage per user differently. thanks

goto System Settings -> Re-Check Configuration… and let it run. it will let you know if Quotas are working, and enabled.

If the are not working, you will need to check if your root file system is defined in /etc/fstab

be careful, changing this file can cause your system or container to fail when booting.