How to secure the VPS before install VirtualMin

How to really well secure the VPS before I go for installing the VirtualMin?
I am on CentOS 6 32x.


Your Linux setup should be secure by default.

There’s some details on that here:

Thanks a lot, and I will check them in details.

Since you will use a PHP based website like Drupal, you may be interested in
This is to secure your box when using php based scripts.
You can download and install on your box and then run the script. It will show you the weaknesses so you can repair them.

Is it to be installed before or after Drupal?

It would appear this phpsec website has not been updates in 5 years?

Ah, i was referring to this tool
It can give insights to improvements on the server.
I would upload the script after creating a domain on the box and run it in its environment.

to see a live example

Looks quite nice, but also this script has not been updated in 5 years… You sure it still covers current-day security needs? :slight_smile:

If there is any more-up-to-date alternative for this, please let me know! I’m quite interested in that.

I have found a newer version here (0.3) it was updated last month

Aah, very nice, thanks!

How to install it?

Haven’t tested it yet.

Please if any one knows to tell :slight_smile:

Here is the manual