How to replace/update/refresh apache .conf files after moving hosts to new server or after editing template

Hi there,
long time Virtualmin user and absolutely happy w. it, thank you again very much, JC! :slight_smile:

Today again I had to move some hosts from an one server to another. I did the usual: backup and restore.
Maybe I chose the wrong options (I didn’t click much, just went w. what was pre-checked) and literally everything for each host was transferred to the new server.
That’s basically o.k. and went well, but now I got quite a number of hosts w. their old .conf files in /etc/apache2/sites-available on the new server that don’t not work 100%.
These ol’ .conf-files were written acc. the template* on the old server.
New server has better/new/different template.
Of course, the .conf-files can be updated manually, one by one, but that would be quite tedious, so I was wondering:

Is there a way (maybe cli?) to update those ol’ .conf files and re-write or re-place them acc. the new/current template?

Or generally speaking: (How) can changes to the template* be applied to (all) existing hosts?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

*where template refs. to the page at: Virtualmin > System Settings > Default Settings, here especially Apache website