How to replace from a web server to a new web server.


I want to replace from a web server to a new web server.

I use CentOS6.7, Webmin 1.760, Virtualmin 4.18 GPLs.

There is about 100 virtualhost with it.

I prepared a new web server.

How can I Back up and How can i restore ?

I have tried [Backup and restore], and then i could not found virtual host list.

I hope all virtual hosts being created by automaticaly in new server.

Please let me know whether i need to create all the virtulhosts as one by one by hand.

Thank you


Migrating to a new server should be as simple as the procedure described here:

Let us know if you continue to have problems when using the instructions above.


I will retry once more in command mod.

I had tried in gui mode.

Thank you.

Both modes really should work. It’s really just a backup followed by a restore, and that should always work whether from the command line or GUI.

What I’m hoping for is that if you run into any problems, or see any errors, we can then review the issue that came up and then resolve it.

If you see any errors occur during the backup or restore, be sure to let us know what they are!