how to remove SSH access for the default domain admin user

For each create domain, the default admin user may have a proper shell assigned.
As I know a valid shell for a user account is necessary to access ftp but I don’t want the domain admin user able to access the host thru ssh.

If I assigned a non-existence shell like /dev/null, the domain admin user cannot access ssh but it make him unable to access ftp too.

So what could I do for this scenario?

Setting Administration Options ->Edit Owner Limits -> Other restriction : Allowed login type to an FTP-only shell should accomplish what you need.

To be able to do so, you also need to enable an FTP-only shell for server owners, which you do on the System Customization -> Custom Shells page (turn on the checkbox in the Enabled and Admin columns for the desired shell, e.g. /bin/false).

thanks!! Now works