How to remove PROFTPD from the status


I replaced proftpd by pureftpd.

My question : How can i remove PROFTPD from the status and maybe replace by PUREFTPD ?

Thanks for your help.


pureFTPd is not supported by VM and the status is not available through VM.

Scott’s correct, though you can create a status monitor for PureFTPd in the System and Server Status module in Webmin. This could email you if PureFTPd goes down. Arbitrary statuses (pulled in from the System and Server Status module) in the System Information page are not currently supported, but probably will be in the not too distant future.

I also don’t use proftpd and would like to know how to remove it from the main system information page.

In Features and Plugins, uncheck "ProFTPd Server".

Thanks for confirming my insanity Joe :slight_smile:

It has been unchecked in Features and Plug-ins but still shows on the main system information page but of course with it’s little red x because it is disabled.

I think my install has a gremlin because on the features and plugins page the main checkbox for proftpd is unchecked but the default checkbox for proftpd is checked. When I uncheck it and click save the page takes a second and then refreshes to the main system information page (still showing proftpd) then I click pack to the features and plugins page and default for proftpd is still checked!!??!!

Should I submit a ticket in the bug tracker?

Exactly the same problem for me.

it has been unchecked (see previous reply from velvetpixel) but still present on the status.

I’ll appreciate if proftpd can be removed from the status information.

Thanks for your help.



Should I submit a ticket in the bug tracker?

Yes. That would be the appropriate reaction to a bug. (And having checkboxes that don’t “stick” is definitely a bug.) :wink:

Thanks Joe.

For anybody that wants to track the status of the ticket you can here

OK here is the lowdown.

If you definitely don’t use FTP then you can uninstall proftpd from the webmin --> software packages page.

In the top section called installed packages enter proftpd. Click the search button.

Then on the resulting page click the uninstall button.

Then on the next page there is an ignore dependencies radio button. I left mine to no and got this error:

Failed to delete package proftpd :
error: Failed dependencies:
proftpd is needed by (installed) virtualmin-base-1.0-60.rh.noarch

Jamie says that is only to make sure proftpd is installed by default so I went back a page selected yes on ignore dependencies and removed proftpd successfully.

if you have other dependencies then you might want to investigate further before you remove.

Then back on system info page you need to click the refresh system info link near the top right of the page and success proftpd status is now gone! :slight_smile: