How to recover from files


The hard drive of my server is dead last night.
It had a boot partition and a /home partition.
I’ve been able to take the content out of there with rsync before it passed out.

Now the hard drive has been changed, it’s now a newer version of the same distro.
How could i rebuild the new server by using old flat files I pulled out(not real backup)?

What would be the strategy to end up with something as close as possible ?

Many thanks


If you are installing a fresh install of your distro which is “newer” in any way, I would recommend NOT trying to restore the install from file, especially if you simply did an rsync and not a formal back by which to base the restore upon.

Instead, I’d:

  1. Rebuild the core system from stratch (OS install, basic Virtualmin install)
  2. Create all the domains (user accounts and all)
  3. Restore the “website” for the domains, “email” for the users, etc from your rsync’d backup manually

While this will take a bit longer, it’ll ensure a clean install and restoration of the key data.

If you require assistance, or have further questions feel free to reach out by email.