How to recover email password in usermin end users. like most webmail web pages.?!!

Hi All

Is there web form allow users to changer own email password in usermin. it should be disblay under User name and password fields in login page.

Like Forgate password? or recovery your password on email …ets.

I Need just end users who have emails on website to reset password.

So please let me know if there way or there is module to do that?!!

Thanks a lot.

This is a new feature.
Virtualmin>Select the domain>Edit users>Select user>Password recovery address

Password recovery address
If a user forgets their password and the option to reset it is available, this field determines the address to which the password will be sent. This is typically set by mailbox users themselves in the Usermin UI.

I set that field but at the login form doesn’t provide a link to recover password.

The password recovery link now appears. I’m not sure what change caused it.