How to really stop clamscan? So no running process shows?

I dont have email accounts on a server, and I am having server issues with RAM and CPU. When clamscan runs its high CPU. I want to disable it to check of anything improves.

but I cant disabled it. I followed all instructions on all forums on here that say how to do it, which is mainly go into Features and uncheck Virus and Spamassassin in there, which I have done. And posts also say go into Bootup and Shutdown and turn it off there… but clam and spam are not listed in bootup and shutdown anywhere.

But even though I have turned it off where I can, in Features, and have restarted the server numerous times, it still runs occasionally. I was going to yum uninstall it but says virtualmin-core would be uninstalled too, so didnt do that.

So how do I really stop clam from running?


Does maldetect use clamscan, can it be that, as thats running?

I think it must be maldet, I have stopped that service and will wait to see.