How to properly setup an alias of sub-server

I have a domain,, and a domain I created the virtual server for, and then added an alias for Everything with this works fine, the correct DNS entries are made and both sites behave as expected. I then created a sub-server for, again proper DNS and everything is working fine. I then created the alias for and at this point it goes very wrong. It generates a whole new DNS setup for and treats it as a whole server and won’t properly register the entry in the DNS.

Ideally all I really want is for and to be 100% identical, the only difference is the TLD on the end. Is there some easy way to do this? I didn’t see anything obvious that would work. If that truly is not an option then what is the correct way to at least solve my issue of an alias of a sub-server generating a new master zone in DNS, I don’t want to have to start manually adjusting settings and then have it break when a change is made somewhere else and it blows away all my manual config. It should just be adding the new A record to its the parent alias zone instead. Additionally it doesn’t even generate a proper new master zone, it points to the wrong nameserver, not the nameserver of the parent alias, so even if I just left it alone the DNS records are just messed up.