How to move all Maildirs

OS type and version: Ubuntu 20.04.3
Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version: 6.16
Related products version: Dovecot


I’m running out of space so I want to move all Maildirs for all users to another mount point



How should i transfer all correctly if it’s possible without breaking the user or server configuration?


This causes Virtualmin functionality to break - particularly user quota for mailbox and perhaps even the ability of the owner of virtual servers to create users and mailboxes.

I would love it if Virtualmin would allow mailboxes to be stored in a non-default location. This has been discussed in the forum earlier too.

Note however, @ggnoredo , that Virtualmin does permit non-default location of /home so if you are willing to move not just mailbox files but also web content to another storage, then Virtualmin will work happily with that.

Thanks for suggestion! I tried to move folders but it didn’t work

I copied /homes folder to /mnt/VAULT/homes and tried to set home directory for each user within Webmin → Users and Groups page. After this it throws unable to create .usermin permission denied error on webmail or webmin page for all users. The folder is there. I checked permissions but they all same as before moving folders.

When I create block storage on AWS or Linode and move home to it, I don’t get a permission denied error.

See if Check Permissions solves the problem.

I just tried that but still same error

Hmm, check if you have root level access to /mnt/VAULT?

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/mnt/VAULT => servername:servername 0700 servername is not root.

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