How to MIgrate Virtual Sub Server (subdomain) on one system "gpl" to Virtual Server (primary domain) on another system "pro"

need to migrate a virtual sub server from one virtualmin GPL system to another Virtualmin pro system (into a primary virtual server rather than sub server).

It is a joomla website.

In the virtualmin GPL system, i selected backup and all features, and transferred it directly to the Virtualmin Pro system as part of the process. I noted that it performed a mysql dump during this process and the total filesize for the backup is 1.31GB

In the new Virtualmin Pro system, i selected import virtual server and chose a plan that i know has mysql, apache website, apache ssl website all enabled…but virtualmin has not setup or imported the joomla database. it has also not setup apache website either.

actually, now that i look more closely, its imported 1.3GB of empty space! (ie imported nothing). Now my gut tells me the trouble is, I am trying to migrate a Virtual Sub Server (subdomain) as a Virtual Server (domain) on a new system and therein lieth the problem.

Is virtualmin capable of importing a virtual subserver onto a new system as a primary virtual server? (ie on old virtulamin gpl system > domain,com on new virtualmin pro system)

How do i do this?

Is there no one who knows how to do this in Virtualmin? Or is everyone away early this weekend?

Is the only method to import as subdomain then elevate to primary domain as a second migration?

If so, then I have already tried this and struck another problem…virtualmin seems to want to force a change in owner username…it keeps throwing an error “user already exists” and fails. This is not acceptable. It’s a client club website I really need all of that to stay unchanged.

Does the “import as a subdomain” work? I appreciate you need it to be a primary domain?

Can you elevate it to a primary domain on the “source” server? If that works - maybe back it up and then restore it to the 2nd server?

Just thinking out aloud.

The trouble is, if I elevate it to primary domain on the gpl server, the website will revert to the original live site that is currently hosted with Siteground.

I cloned the original and moved it to subdomain so I could test/update/move without affecting current hosting…It’s an old site with lots of problems (one of which…It’s uses php5.6 and won’t run on anything else because of an outdated extension - Gantry v4).

So the move from vm gpl to vm pro needs to either be capable of automatically doing this, or I will have to do two migrations.

There is a third option…keep joomla as a subdomain, move it to vm pro, and use CNAME record in DNS to point to, then add htaccess mod rewrite rule to mask all urls so browser displays

Edit…forgot to remind…I’m trying to do a seem less transaction with dns so I know is working 100% before changing DNS from Siteground…and I’m glad I did it this way up to this point because it took me days to get this website working on my vm gpl server…it was really problematic. Now I need to move it to my vm pro server without having to manually fix and add dependencies like I had too with vm gpl system.

Is there a better way?