How to migrate to another server


Is there a easy way for me to move my sites to another server?
Currently I have Ubutnu 12.04 with virtualmin.

I would like to fire up new VPS with Ubuntu 14.04, install virtualmin and
then somehome with backup, move my sites and settings like firewall to the new server.
Is that possible?
Is that possible to to do with newer 14.04?



There’s two things you may want to consider.

Here are instructions on performing a migration from one server to another:

Another alternative is that it is possible to upgrade Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04. Instructions for doing that are here:

Option 1 that Eric mentioned is a tried-and-tested method that I’ve used myself successfully countless times. :slight_smile: If you wish to go for it and need some help, drop me (“Loc2262”) a Skype message.

Thanks to both.
Does this procedure backs up firewall rules and virtualmin settings as well or domain files and settings only?

The part of the migration that has you copying/restoring the file “virtualmin.tar.gz” handles your Virtualmin settings… things like Server Templates, Account Plans, and other things that you can tweak from within Virtualmin itself.

It doesn’t migrate things such as server settings (ie, files within /etc that were modified), firewall settings, and the like. Those would need to be set manually.