How to migrate cpanel jetbackups into virtualmin?

OS type and version: centos 7
Webmin version: latest
Virtualmin version: latest
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

How to migrate cpanel jetbackups into virtualmin?
I only have a file of jetbackup from cpanel and no access to the server anymore but there is no option to import it inside virtualmin. How to do?

Jetpack backups are still just compressed gz backups so you should be able to restore them.

Have you gone to Virtulamin / Backup and Restore / Restore Backup and selected the Upload to Server option, uploaded it and tried that?

There’s also the Migrate Server option that will allow you to upload the file. I would leave Cpanel selected, upload the backup and see if that works.

Restore Backup seems like it is for virtualmin backed up files restoration.
I tried to upload via Migrate Server> cpanel selected , cpanel jetbackup file but the server gives fails errors
Should i upload the cpanel jetbackup file from local to root via FTP and then migrate from root?

Wouldn’t make any difference.

You may wind up having to manually decompress and restore the files. It’s a lot of work but can be done.

What sort of site is it? How large is the backup file?

A Wordpress site cpanel jetbackup, 10 gb backup file on local.
It gave this error: “validation failed : More than one domain name was found in the cPanel backup virtualmin”
Because it has subdomains.

Should i manually decompress tar.gz into local and then upload all files/folders into root or home folder via ftp ?

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