How to manage the primary domain

I´ve just installed Virtualmin on a Debian Squeeze (6) VPS and added the IP address of my new box to the host records of my primary domain registrar. Eveything works great: when I browse to I see the default place holder page of my VPS.

My question is: how can I manage my primary domain (upload files, create a database etc.)? Should I create a virtual server for this domain, like I would do for additional domains?

Many thanks for your help!!


Yeah, I’d add that domain as a Virtual Server on Virtualmin. Once you do that, you can use Virtualmin to create accounts, add databases, and the like.


Yep, what Eric said. I’m doing that myself here too. :slight_smile:

Additional info: if you’re hosting the DNS zone for that “primary domain” on your server, as opposed to with your hoster, you should disable the BIND feature in Virtualmin and manage the zone manually in the Webmin BIND module. That is because Virtualmin rather assumes the zone for the server itself to be externally resolvable, and it is a bit complicated to set it up correctly under its control. Manual configuration via Webmin is easier.

If your hoster operates the zone for your primary domain, you can disregard this info. :slight_smile: In which case though you should also turn off the BIND feature, even if the zone won’t hurt then, since your server is not NS for the zone.

Thanks both, this really helps!