How to manage Cluster nodes per Service ?

Hi All,

I have used Webmin over the years and like it a lot, this because it’s really an on top of configuration module that doens’t do strange things to your default configs. I always used it on local boxes/

At the moment I would like to manage my cluster with it, I’m setting up a new one and would like to use Webmin for the global overview.

I have a several of nodes that I would like to manage per service, like Postfix, DNS, Apache, and so on.

I can add Webmin nodes to my Webmin config but can I also say that Node-X is only for Postfix (Mail) and Node-Y is only for DNS, and so on ? So when I add a maildomain it’s done on Node-X and for SQL it’s Node-Z and so on ?

I have the feeling that Webmin is still very local managed per node, but I hope it’s the way I describe above.

If that ia manageble from one interface it would be how it should be if you aks me.

I hope someone can clearify this.

I wonder why it’s so difficult to respond on this one.

In the issues section there is only talked about Cloudmin and all webhosting where there exist too many package of such software.

Guys, do it on Small Business layer, much more effective!

I wonder why it’s so difficult to respond on this one.

Well, you’re asking a fairly complex question :slight_smile:

I can add Webmin nodes to my Webmin config but can I also say that Node-X is only for Postfix (Mail) and Node-Y is only for DNS, and so on ? So when I add a maildomain it’s done on Node-X and for SQL it’s Node-Z and so on ?

The feature you’re describing is something that Jamie has been working on with Cloudmin; Cloudmin is a Webmin module, designed to manage multiple systems. And within that framework, he’s been working on special component called Cloudmin Services, which can have one node function as a DNS server, another node as a MySQL server, and so forth.

But, Cloudmin Services is in the alpha stages now, and doesn’t support every service that one might want to use (for example, I don’t think it supports having a dedicated email server yet).



But again… that is webhosting based!!

We need Small Business Services managed like that, not hosting…

And I think it’s a revenue issue also… which is a pity and people will not use webmin for this anymore I guess.


Virtualmin is designed for web hosting – but Cloudmin does not require Virtualmin.

Cloudmin is a separate module, and has very few dependencies.



*** I opened an issue thread on clustering and Cloudmin and yes, have been talking about hosting because that’s what I use the software for, so naturally that’s what meets my needs. Also it should be noted if you didn’t notice, I opened this issue back in 2009 and only recently the topic has been readdressed as things are now getting to a point where I suppose it may be actually possible to consider or implement such ideas. ***

Just to clarify, it’s not that we’re ignorant to your request, and I agree that if you require other functionality perhaps a response or two might make sense to at least clarify what is or isn’t possible at this time.

It looks like Eric has offered some assistance on this front, and based on my understanding while Cloudmin is fully capable as it is an extension to Webmin to manage other services in terms of the framework it’s built on, at this time, most features in Cloudmin are generally speaking focused around the web hosting industry and therefore direct support for many requested services may not be possible yet. Having said that keep in mind Cloudmin is still it’s early years of development, and because of it’s design, it’s quite possible to support more options and services as time progresses, and more requests like your’s come in.

Aside from that, you need to understand the nature of things, Virtualmin Inc, as I understand it is a 3-man show, so if someone else in the community doesn’t take a direct interest, or are unable to comment on your topic it’s quite possible that Jamie, Joe and Eric are simply doing their best to address as many issue they can, but are not perfect so may miss a thread or two every once in a while.

I can assure you however, Jamie, Joe and Eric are not ignorant in terms of intentionally not addressing matters, and amazingly between developing their products do answer quite a few questions here on the forums, the key being you need to remain patient at times.

Personally I find that if I don’t receive an answer to a forum thread within a couple weeks, it may be necessary to open an “issue” which from my experience gets noticed a bit more than forum threads. If still unsuccessful, it may be that there isn’t anything to offer at this time on the topic.

Stay persistent if you have a good idea, or need, but don’t get angry if it doesn’t get answered or resolved immediately, that’s just how things work out sometimes… Most of all, stay positive!



That thought is not right.

Cloudmin is based on VPS, Virtualmin on Dedicated servers, or VPS’s.

The cloud functions should also be available so you can run it on Dedicated boxes or your own managed VPS’s.


There are a few flavours of Cloudmin, one which works inside a VPS called “Cloudmin for Physical Systems”.

Other version of Cloudmin could technically run on their own dedicated box, managing other servers, but not have VPS’ on it directly (sort of a director for other machines).