how to make more users and give them access just to their html folders and mysql?

Hi, I installed virtualmin first time in my life,

I should transfer several wordpress sites to this server, every site belong to different user and they should have access to their sites and ftp and emails (in the future), etc. connected with their domains.
so, it is similar like vps for hosting company, with virtualmin.

for now, I uploaded files of 2 sites in /var/www/html

I uploaded all databases with phpmyadmin,

now I checked wordpress configuration files and of course all of them have different username and passwords for mysql and I cannot give them my master admin login, so, my question is:

  1. I need to create virtualmin usernames for all of them? in webmin or virtualmin?

  2. I need to create virtual servers for each of them?

if I make servers I suppose it would limit their space (vps hdd is 500GB), so, maybe it is better just to make usernames for them without to decide how much space to give them? and how to limit them just to folder of their website (/var/www/html/WPfolderUser1, /var/www/html/WPfolderUser2 and so on)? I am not interested to give them access to the server home folder.

when I make users, can they use virtualmin to access mysql or I must give them access to phpmyadmin?
I don’t know if there is any plugin for what I mentioned here? I never tried to make access to folders and mysql for more users, I know how to use it for myself, but not for multiple users.


Is each site going to have its own domain name?

Are they add-on domains, or separate domains?

If they are separate domains, then with Webmin that means they are separate servers and access will be, or can be, restricted to those specific domains. So you should probably create a server for each domain.

Hi, thank you for your answer, yes, 3 domains will have 3 different wordpress folders, so, i started to create servers and users, virtualmin automatically created users in home folder of server, and each user got public_html folder, I had to assign them databases and now I am struggling with making one site to work, just experimental, I registered free ml domain and pointed to IP address, at server host website, I made DNS zones for 3 domains but it is not recognized by virtualmin, I must do it in virtualmin too.

I used virtualmin also to create squirrelmail for each user and I had to create database for it too.

I had to change wordpress path for new server in mysql…

this first time, a lot of details need to be done. before I did it for one site, one user = one site, but now I need to do it for more sites and there are many things to do…

one more question, how to point 3 domains to its 3 subfolders in home folder of server?




so, to let them to have more WP sites in the future, I made blog folders in their public_html instead to use their public_html as root folder.

and I should point domain to IP address and /home/user1/public_html/blog

I read domain can’t point to folder than to IP and then .htaccess file must be written to redirect to that folder (/home/user1/public_html/blog). is it so? I hope it can be done in virtualmin, I will try it today…