How to login post installation? No password for root.

Hello everyone,

I just finished installing vitrualmin on digitalocean centos droplet by following this guide:
The droplet access is SSH, so root does not have a password.
Now when installation is finished I get to the login screen but can’t login.
Can anyone help with a solution for this? Must I create a droplet with root password in order for virtualmin to work?



You would need to either set a password for root, or, you can also create a new system user that has sudo access.

Note that you wouldn’t need to re-create your VPS, you can set a root password just by running “passwd root” after logging in via SSH.


Hey Eric,

Thank you so much for your reply (I recognize your “Howdy” from many other posts I have gone over in the past week).
I actually just saw it now, was not set up to get email notifications, changed it now.
What I ended up doing is reinstalling Virtualmin :slight_smile: I did not find the solution to create a root password so I just created a new machine with password access.

What I need help with now is regarding passwordless access. I’d like to add my local public key to the server but can’t see to get it to work. I don’t need to generate a key, I just need to add my key to the authorized_keys, but I can’t find how to do it.
When going to SSH Server > Host SSH Keys, (as mentioned is some forums posts here), I try to add my key there but there is no option to save, only to “return to module index”.
I would really love some help in getting this done so I can turn off the password login.