How to limit the file size of backup files?

Is it possible to limit the file sizes of the backup files somehow - ie. keep them below a certain threshold say 2 GB?

I have some users with a lot of emails and I end up with +4G backup files. These are too big for the S3 implementation of my cloud provider it seems.

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Well, the backups would never be larger than the domains they’re backing up.

So you may need to limit the size of the domain itself.

Or if there’s one domain in particular that’s causing a problem, you could edit the backup schedule, and configure it not to back up that particular domain.

Now, you could configure the backup parameters to use additional compression, or bzip2 rather than gzip. That’s not likely to make a huge difference though, only a slight one.

Other than that, you’d probably need to look at either limiting the sizes of the domains, or not backing up the domain offsite.