How to install Roundcube on global scale?


Would anyone be so kind and explain me how to install RoundCube for all domains and set it to use a database not related to any domain? I have a very fresh installation of Virtualmin (Webmin came with it) installed with this GPL script

I’ve done it that way:

i have a generic domain like so i put the servername in front like:

And i install roundcube, phpmyadmin and other serverwide software in this domain.

Every user on server01 is able to use it.

Just my 2ct, but it is working for me :slight_smile:


Hehe interesting approach.

Each user has its own database and email credentials, and so i have only to maintain ONE Installation of phpmyadmin and roundcube per server. The lazy admin is the best admin, because he automated almost everything. :o) If the numbers of servers rise, you will tend to make it so easy as possible…

I forgot something in my post before: Since the user enters his credentials in roundcube, he is only presented his emails or his database, when he enters phpmyadmin, couldn’t think of anything easier…

Beware of Roundcube, if you install via the script in VM as admin your admin details are there in the config file, anyone with ftp access can see it with disasterous results, after install change DB user.

The install procedure via VM needs to offer a choice of DB user on install.

I don’t get it, can you please tell how someone can gain unauthorized access. I have installed roundcube with install script, but it has its own user, also own db user, thaanks