How to install PhpMyadmin ? Please, help :)

Good day all,

I’m a newbee to your forum and, please, apologize for any stupid question I may ask …

So, I’m using Webmin 1.600 on a CentOS Linux 5.8.
One of my users willing to use PhpMyadmin, I put online Usermin Version 1.540.

Then I upload the usermin “PhpMyadmin” module (phpMyAdmin link 1.1)

Finally, I put the “system hostname” in the PhpMyAdmin’s module configuration, here : phpMyAdmin URL to open .

But now, if I connect to the website using sermon:
–> Others
–> MySQL Database (phpMyAdmin),
Then : “Error - File Not Found” is display .

Can you help me ?

And thanks for any help :slight_smile:
Have a greed week end !

Just a little up ^^
Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m unfortunately not familiar with trying to get phpMyAdmin working from within Usermin. In fact, before you mentioned it, I didn’t even think it was possible :slight_smile:

I can offer that it’s easier to do that in Virtualmin though!

If you log into Virtualmin, just go into Install Scripts, choose the phpMyAdmin Install Script, and you can install that.

Would that do the trick?