How to install phpmyadmin not for only one virtual host's databases but with access to all databases on the server

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04

I would like to have the access to all databases from one point (i mean phpmyadmin). If i use script it installs phpmyadmin only for selected virtual server with access to limited databases only. How to get full access?

And the second question is it possible to install phpmyadmin (with full access to databases) to selected virtual server with access via selected port like

I think if you install phpMyAdmin on the virtual server associated with the hostname, and log in using the root MySQL password, you’ll have access to every database on the server. Is that what you need?

I don’t know if that would also give users access to their own databases using their credentials.


It will / it should.

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Thank you so much I will try.

Thanks. I hesitate to state anything as fact with regard to how it works under Ubuntu because it’s out of my realm of experience.


@Aido21 you can access all databases when you log into pma (phpmyadmin) as root - then you will be able to do anything with any database. If you log into as domain user then you will have access to only database or databases which are granted to that user. This is how it works on any distro out there.

Regards port I don’t see any reason to do so and I did never need it.

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