How to install in Solaris 10


can anyone tell me, How to install installation script in Solaris 10 /open Solaris ??



Howdy Partha,

Are you installing Virtualmin Professional or Virtualmin GPL? If the latter, we have not released an install script for Virtualmin GPL on Solaris yet–we will, but it’s not ready yet.

If Virtualmin Professional, you would download the install script labeled "Solaris" in the Serial Numbers page ( ), set it executable with "chmod +x", and then run it with "./".

The Virtualmin GPL version of the script will probably take a few more weeks to be released, as I have so many other things on my todo list before June 5th when the Early Adopter period ends.

Humm, I will wait for that, after , I will buy when discount. But, I will suggest you, make it more easy like lxadmin, so anyone can use it easily.