How to install Cloudmin on an existing webmin/virtualmin environment


I have Webmin/Virtualmin already installed on the server I would like to install Cloudmin to. If I’m not wrong, I can not use the install script in that case.

How could I install cloudmin in that case ?

the server is Ubuntu 8.04LTS

Bests regards, Guy.

Correct. You don’t want the install script for that.

You just want to install the webmin-server-manager module. There’s probably a few other bits…let me check. Yes, if using EC2 instances, you need the Perl XML::SAX and XML::Simple modules. Those are probably already in the Ubuntu repos and can be installed easily.

You also need a kernel with support for your preferred virtualization type (Xen or vserver) on the machines that will be hosting virtual instances. Xen is easier to come by, usually, and is probably in the Ubuntu repos.


Thank you for the answer.

We would like to put the Cloudmin server on a dedicated secured machine, and the Xen systems on our clusters which are on different hardware. So, if I’m not wrong, this should be ok.

I’ll check for the XML::SAX and XML::Simple modules, this should not be an issue.

Where could I find the installation file for webmin ?

Bests regards, Guy.

There’s a wbm module in

2.6 is the latest version. New one is coming over the weekend, hopefully with OpenVZ support, and certainly a lot of little bugfixes based on input from new users.


The link above is requesting an username and password: however, it seems that the one I’m using to connect on the virtualmin/cloudmin web site does not work in that case.

Bests regards, Guy.

For the software repository you use the serial number and license key to login. This allows every system running various licenses to be uniquely identified (an account here could own dozens or hundreds of licenses running on many individual systems; we don’t impose any limits on moving licenses around and stuff, but we do like to know how many systems are running a given license).

Let me know if you have trouble logging in with the serial and license key. I can also help with the installation, if you’d like. Until the docs are finished up in a few hours, it can be intimidating; it’s really quite simple, only requiring a few steps, but not at all obvious how to do those steps (and I don’t actually know how to get all the right kernel bits in place, off-hand, on Ubuntu, as we need either a Xen or vserver kernel, depending on your virtualization preference).

I tried to use license key and serial number as username and passwork, then serial number and license key, but without success. I’m using the one of Beat Brunner from Lightning as I’m working with him.

Oh! Sorry, the repo password update apparently was broken when Beat bought his license. Apologies for the inconvenience.

It should be working now.

I dowloaded and installed clkoudmin.

There is one remaining point: where do I configure the serial number and license key ?


Yeah, if you use manually install the Cloudmin plugin, you would still need to input the license info since the does that automatically.

It looks like that’s kept in this file:


In the format:


There may also be a way to enter that info from the GUI, but if there is, I’m not seeing it :slight_smile:

Please add this information to the Cloudmin documentation. I just manually installed Cloudmin and couldn’t find where to enter the serial number.

Yeah, as you can see, the docs definitely still need some work :wink:

That’s a great idea though, I added this info to the Manual Installation documentation.



"For the software repository you use the serial number and license key to login. "

How to optain this serial number and licence key for GPL version? I have try to use my Virtualmin account but no success.