How to have pop3 usernames be the email address?

It seems the default setup after installing Virtualmin has it so when users check email using pop3 the username is formatted user.domain

so for
pop3 would be set up to check joe.bubba
I have been used to just using as the username for some time now.

Is it possible to modify this?

It appears my server is using Dovecot. Not sure what the alterantives are or if Dovecot is the issue, but if so can it be reconfigured to use the email address instead?

Also is there a repository of "How To" stuff for Webmin/Virtualmin GPL that shows us how to install various popular stuff?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

Here is a link to the same question, and a solution.
Link:Link to the question

It appears since I did this I can no longer authenticate to send messages using SMTP. Checking the POP3 server works fine though.

You missed a step. saslauthd doesn’t like @ in usernames, either, so you have to add the -r option. It’s covered in the thread Leif linked.

oh geez sorry I missed that. Thanks, it worked…

Whoever else needs this be sure to restart saslauthd (service saslauthd restart)

Come on guys you need to keep old links in here alive. I tried to follow the link above:

but it is dead. Now I can’t figure out my problem!

Yeah, 5 years ago when that was written, the forum here was using different software, and some links did end up breaking during that transition.

However, you’re welcome to ask and we’ll point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

To use email addresses as usernames, just go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain, and look for the option named “Format for usernames that include domain”.

That change will only affect new usernames though.

Also, you no longer need to change any parameters in saslauthd, that’s performed automatically now when you choose that setting.


Thanks, is there any way to back up these settings so if we have to migrate or recover from a crash we don’t have to mess with them again? I had the virtualmin settings backed up but they apparently didn’t back up this part nor some other things…

So to be clear, I had bad hard drives and corrupt data on my old install and had to swap the drives and install from scratch. I did that then restored the virtualmin backup plus all the domains. Despite that there were several settings not backed up properly.
-This “Format for usernames that include domain” lost its setting
-My previous install had Domainkeys set up but it was not set up upon restore
-Previous install had greylisting setup but the restore did not(and I lost the data for it!)

There is more but I suspect I just didn’t do a thorough job backing stuff up. Is there a post about how to do comprehensive backups for everything that Virtualmin handles, meaning not just all web site but also all setting the Virtualmin manages? Or, is this just something we have to manually keep track of and modify when we install/restore?