How to give FTP access to contractors/developers


Click on @staff or @Jamie and click the “Message” icon.

Can you tell us more about the the grand failure? I’m surprised that just adding a new user would cause that …

To share private details, you can create a private message for staff or just to me.

Thanks Jamie.

So all I need to do is tag with you a #?

Does that mean only you can see my messages/details or will it still be available for others as well?

Thx: Ravi

No! Send a PM to @staff if you need to share any sensitive information. If you click on the word @staff in this message, you can then click “Message” and it will open a new textbox to send a PM to us. PMs to @staff are private to just staff (me, Jamie, Ilia, and Eric).

Tagging us in a public message just makes it appear in our notifications. It does not make the message private.

Also note that if you browse to “Support” on the Virtualmin home page, you can click on a link that will start a private message to @staff, as well.

Tickets are now tracked via private messages here. We have the ability to tag ticket resolutions, etc., and PMs are private. Mail also works better in Discourse than it ever did in the old Drupal issue tracker.

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