How to get the nice Fail2Ban Log back?

OS type and version Debian 11
Virtualmin version 7.1-1

Hi guys,

I’m trying the new Virtualmin 7 Version on my Debian 11 server.
Looking at my production server, a Debian 10, under Webmin → System-Logs, I have a nice structured log file.
On my Debian 11 Test server, it looks horrible. I needed to add it manually. Clicking on it, I see everything in the log file. Looking at my Debian 10 server, I think I just have the INFO, WARNING, NOTICE, etc inside.
Is there a way to configure this one on my Debian 11 as well, so it looks more structured?

Thanks a lot.


This all should work already on Debian 11. Is this how it looks for you on Debian 11?

If not, how did you install Virtualmin 7 on Debian 11 system exactly?

Also consider using a new System Logs Viewer module for systems with systemd that have journalctl command.

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