how to get rid of the bind server force installed by cloudmin

I don’t understand why the cloudmin installation script is forcing a bind server installation without user consent? The system got already an authorative dns server running in a lxc container. Such server installation should require user consent

Save to remove the bind server via cli, e.g. apt purge bind?

Removing the bind module from webmin does not work -> Failed to delete modules : Module BIND DNS Server cannot be deleted, as the module Cloudmin Services depends on it. Why would cloudmin be dependend on bind, does not make sense.

I’ve run into that also. Spent a week trying to figure out why LXC would not initialize. Was because bind is installed and using port 53. ‘sudo apt purge bind9’ I believe its called.
Any local domain names that I still want to work I put in the /etc/hosts file with their ip.

Deleting the bind webmin module does not remove bind. It only removes the webmin module that is used to control bind.

Thanks for the feedback. Meantime been able to remove cloudmin and bind.

Since there is a cloudmin script for installation there should be also one for removal and not making the user having to jump through hoops hunting for the remnants.