How to get mod_fcgid to notice changes to script and settings?

For an fcgi user (one without server admin rights), getting the server to notice new settings normally means touching in the .fcgi file or in the case of php, setting the php_value in .htaccess file.

In my case touching the .fcgi wouldn’t take, setting php_value in .htaccess caused server to crash.

Only option was to use ini_set(“memory_limit”, “xxM”) in a php file.

Is there some other way to get the server to notice changes, or kill your own fcgi process to force to start with the new settings?

Well, the php_value settings only work for mod_php.

You should, however, just be able to edit the various php.ini files, which have a memory_limit parameter in them.


Changing the php.ini file is what I did first, ie in the end user’s own folder, not in the main server configuration, but the change wasn’t noticed.

I am referring to the situation in which the end user doesn’t have the ability to restart the server. It as though the mod_fcgid process is not noticing the change in the user’s php.fcgi script although I touched it

Hmm, are you using Virtualmin Pro or GPL?

As you should certainly be able to edit the php.ini file and have that work…


I am using the GPL version. Is mod_fcgid supposed to notice changes to the php.ini or the php.fcgi?

I thought the mod_fcgid is the one changes to should be noticed.