How to do manual backup?

Hi all,

I guess I’ve crashed my virtual server by upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10 (it had Ubuntu 8.04 LTS before) Maybe I have to start from a new installation, if I manage to do a backup before.

What (virtualmin-related) do I have to backup manually in order to install Virtualmin on the new machine and get everything going as fast as possible?

[li]/etc/virtualmin? (I’m not even sure if this exists at all)[/li]
[li]Databases. Where?[/li]
[li]BIND zones. Where?[/li]

Given that I’ll start from a new installation, I’ll download the virtualmin installer and let it run. Afterwards, I’ll just replace the config files with those from my backup, add the local users and home directories and I’m good to go, right?

Any help is appreciated. Regards,


Thanks for the help, that’s what I did. In particular, I copied


along with




plus mysql and postgresql database files. In the end, everything is well up and running again. It started all by trying to upgrade a Virtuozzo VPS to Ubuntu 8.10, which isn’t supported. Regards,


Is Virtualmin itself running at the moment? I assume that at the moment, you cannot get into it?

If you had previously setup a scheduled backup, you may be able to manually run that from the command line. You can see being called in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root. If that’s in there, see if you can run it, as that’ll backup everything you had setup to be backed up in the past, which generally includes /home, databases, bind zones, apache configs, and so on.

I think from there, you could just copy in /etc/webmin and you’d be in good shape (the “virtualmin” configs are stored in /etc/webmin/virtual-server).

That said, I’d probably make a backup of your entire machine to be safe, or at the very least, the full /etc.