How to disable ssh for virtual servers

I must be blind but I can’t find the option anywhere.
When I create a new virtual server the default user has Mail, FTP and SSH access. I want the user to have only FTP and Mail access, no SSH. Where do I change it in the server template? Or anywhere. I can’t seem to find the option…

it has been said the /etc/shells file should have /bin/false on the first line so new users get that permission instead of /bin/sh

However after i did this users still get sh and I change that manually under webmins module Users and Groups.

I have never seen an option in the Server Template, but would also like to know how to restrict the new users as I don’t usually give ssh to users.

There is now a form for managing shells for all types of users. Look in System Customization:Custom Shells

We need to get that page better documented. It looks more intimidating than it actually is. :wink:

Yes, I’ve found the custom shells page before, but where do I select the type of access that newly created users will have by default? I think it should be somewhere in server template but it isn’t.

And I can’t edit my post here, “Oops! You’ve hit a bug in the forum software. It’ll be fixed soon.” :D:D:D

Anyway, I think it would be a good idea to place the option in server template -> default domain owner limits.

Now I have to change this after I create the virtual server, a bit tiresome :wink:

I got no clue what to do in there and which domains it would affect.

However by looking at that module again, I realized I could integrate my ticket system into virtualmin, and the site where one can upgrade the package. hehe yay!

I created a category "support" but it would be nice to add custom links to existing categories, like in my case services.

OK I found out how this works.

in the system customisation I have enabled

now servers created have a default of /bin/false
It would however still be preferred to have the option in the server template as some plans might have shell where others might have only FTP

I also faced this problem…and didn’t find a way to solve it.
I also found the Custom Shells Page…it was the scariest page I found in Virtualmin (GPL) :smiley:

This is what I did, I went to: SSH Server -> Access Control, at the option "Only allow users" I placed the name of a user account I created, so only that user was able to login.

As another security precaution I went to: SSH Server -> Authentication, at the option "Allow login by root?" I selected NO, so only the user I specified was ablte to login (but after I think of it, only the "Access Control" option should work also…).

After that I went to: SSH Server -> Networking, at the option “Listen on addresses” I added the IP Address I want the server to listen on, it’s the same IP Address I use as a ‘Management Network’.

When a user tries to login on my server(s) using SSH, it closes the connection after a few failed login attempts, but I cannot remember if that was a standard feature (CentOS v5.1) or something standard :smiley:


I’m also looking at how to use the Custom Shells section. I’d like to disable ssh and ftp as default for virtual server users and keep it just for my admin/root user… Any ideas how to do this?


In the Custom Shells screen, what you’d want to do is ensure that no user has “/bin/bash” or “/bin/sh” as a shell.

You’d only want /bin/false, or /dev/null. A user with /bin/false can log into FTP and email, a user with /dev/null can log into just email.