How to Disable OPTIONS and TRACE Apache methods

Hello all,
How do I Disable the OPTIONS and TRACE Apache methods for all virtual servers?

Thank you

  • Rogerio


Well, for TRACE, all you’d need to do is edit your Apache config, set “TraceEnable Off”, and then restart Apache.

For OPTIONS – I’m not particularly familiar with that, though it looks like you may need to put together some mod_rewrite code in your Apache `config. There’s some examples that you’ll see if you Google “apache disable options”.


Thank you Eric

I got it working.
To disable OPTIONS I had to include the following lines on each virtualserver in httpd.conf:

<LimitExcept GET POST>
      deny from all

But it only worked after I commented the line: “allow from all”.

So “allow from all” is not in effect on my virtualservers.
Can that be a problem?

. Rogerio