How to delete user? Problems with user being created with website name.

I have root user on installation
i made user abc with website same as for root

Deleted server so that user is deleted and i can try again
trying to make new server with user abc - says it exists.
Failed to create virtual server : A unix user named kangarooo already exists - try selecting a different administration username


Normally, all users that are part of a given Virtual Server are deleted when the Virtual Server is removed.

If for some reason the user is left over afterwards though, you can delete a UNIX user by going into Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups.


Ah ok. Now i will say it differently since i now understand a bit more.
I made server and it created user username
But i wanted to make unix user username also as admin for other websites… :slight_smile:
I would then just making website made a different usernameping for it.