How to delete saved logins in Transfer Virtual Server page?

In Server configuration --> Transfer Virtual Server I can flag for “Save for later use?” the data of Hostname of destination system, and I have saved it to complete some transfers. How to delete this saved login to hostname? I need to delete before to pass the server to other administrator.
Thank you in advance.


Hmm, I’m not sure where exactly that information is stored, though it’s likely somewhere in /etc/webmin/virtual-server.

If you know one of the keywords that are stored as part of that (such as a password or hostname), we can do a recursive search with a command like the following:

find /etc/webmin/virtual-server | xargs grep -i KEYWORD

That will show all files containing that keyword – and then hopefully it’ll be apparent which of those files is related to your saved info.


These data are in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/transfer-hosts
Thank you for the answer