How to create seperated virtual servers for ip and domain?


I am using the latest version of Virtualmin GPL on Debian Etch.

Here is the sample scenerio:
I have two static IP addresses: ip1, ip2
I have also many domains : dom1, dom2, …, domN

I want to host dom1 on ip1 and the other domains(dom2 to domN) on ip2.

To achive this;
I had installed webmin/virtualmin on my default IP address(ip1). Then, I added my second IP address(ip2) to the list located in Virtualmin(Tab)] System Settings] Shared IP Addresses.

Later, I started to create my virtual servers. In the first page, I selected "Shared, on IP ip1" as network interface for dom1, where "Shared, on non-default IP ip2" for other domains.

Now, I can access my websites properly using the domain names. But, if I go the http://ip1 then the public_html of dom1 is being displayed. But, I don’t want that.

I want http://ip not to go the domain that is created on that IP. Instead, I want to create other virtual servers only for those IPs.

For example;
VirtualServer1 for ip1: /var/www/ip1/
VirtualServer2 for ip2: /var/www/ip1/
VirtualServer3 for dom1: /home/dom1/public_html
VirtualServer4 for dom2: /home/dom2/public_html
VirtualServerN for domN: /home/domN/public_html

How can I do that?

Thanks a million :slight_smile:
Ismet Togay