how to create database ?

I am looking to create a db for my worpdress installation,
how can I do it ?

wordpress it asks following:

let us assume I have created a db named - test1 using edit databases, what should I enter in the following:

Database Name -
User Name -
PWd - is it the mysql pwd I had kept ?

database host - localhost

will be really thankful to the helped :slight_smile:

just to be more clear,

databasename - test1

what will be the username and password as I don’t see any option to add an user under the database in edit databases


Databases you create within Virtualmin are accessible using the username and password of the Virtual Server owner.

So when you’re in Virtualmin, and you go into Edit Databases -> Create a new database, you would then use the Virtual Server owner’s username and password to access that database.


hi Eric

when I tried that it throws error msg

I have created a new db named, ss1 under
my logins are - id - admin1, and pwd - addmin3

in wp set up page, when I enter:

db name - ss1
db username - admin1
pwd - addmin3
databasehost - localhost
table prefix - wp_

it throws unable to connect to db

ok, I just fixed this up
I had set custom pwd and I forgot that earlier, now it works :slight_smile:

thanks once again Eric