How to: create a website name that is not

Hi. New to virtual-min.

It seems that when a new virtual server is created –, then becomes the default website name. How do I create additional sites on ? e.g.,, ?



Whenever you create a new Virtual Server, you can just create one with a domain name of “”.



ah, right. So, if I have a 3 different virtual websites using let’s say a company name, I would create them as 3 different domains: e.g., and The side-effect is that it would create associated services like email for each of these ‘subdomains’ I guess – not that I would need to use them.

I get tripped up when using term ‘domains’ to also include the hostname (e.g. www), because traditionally each of these webservers could be on a different host.

It seems that Virtualmin, by default behaviour, creates an implied alias WWW that appends to your domain, which makes sense. Some organisations may need several websites belonging to a domain though, and I guess the workaround of assigning a new domain for each of these ‘hosts/sites’ is necessary?

Another oddity, is that I can’t see the “ServerAlias” statement for “” in the Virtualmin Aliases configuration page, although it (correctly) appears in httpd.conf. hmm…


And they would all heads to one domain name e.g, for some the use of subdomains is confusing for them, but this actually uses as usual as the main one. For me, best use for the subomain names, can be a perfect landing page to the domain. But, you should also be concern on the name itself to use, one that is unique the higher its domain name value just like a brand name that works for your business reputation and success, and to get more on that perfect ideas, there are guides of business naming to use at