How to create a slave Virtualmin Server?

I have a master virtualmin server with a few domains on it and I would like to be able to have an exact replica server (separate server) with an exact copy of everything of the master so domains (webs+emails) can still work while the master is down, if that happens.

For this to happen of course the replication must be frequent and automatic.
What is the best method to folllow?
Your thoughts are much appreciated.


There’s a number of ways to accomplish that… but a simple one is just to generate Virtualmin backups once a day (which you’re likely doing already), and then just copy those backups to your backup server.

And then, on your backup server, setup a cron job to import them into Virtualmin.

That can all be done from the command line. You can see the options for doing that if you run the command “virtualmin restore-domain”. You can point that at a directory full of backups.


Hi and thank you for the response.

Hm… I don’t think that will actually work as required:

When master server A (ip: goes does down, slave DNS server should point all services (web+email) to slave server B (ip: and serve as usual, probably with not all emails present (time since last replication).
How can this be done?