How to create a separate MySQL database for each website?

Hi Joe,

I noticed that other web management/hosting software are able to create a separate MySQL setup for each domain name, instead of allowing virtual domain owners access to the common MySQL system (i.e. they can see the contents of all databases).

Is Virtualmin Pro able to do the same? If so, please advise exactly how.

Many thanks.

Howdy A,

Yes, Virtualmin can do that, and it should be the default–are you sure domain owners can see other users databases? If so, there’s something broken in the MySQL configuration, and we’ll need to figure out what.

Thanks very much for the speedy response, Joe. Very much appreciated.

You are right. Virtual domain users, created via Virtualmin, cannot see other databases in MySQL. I made the assumption after I saw "information_schema" and "test" databases are visible to a newly created user. Those 2 databases are created by MySQL by default.

When I use "root" to create another database, it is not visible to the newly created domain name user.

  • I will post a separate question regarding accessibility of server files via Usermin’s File Manager.