How to configure postfix/dovecot for secured login and emails?

I am trying to configure postfix/dovecot along with Thunderbird so that I have a secured connection for retrieving/sending emails but so far I was not successful.

I have SSL enabled (self-signed).

In SMTP Autentication and encryption, I have those options:
Require SASL SMTP authentication? [Yes]
SMTP security options
[x] Reject anonymous logins
[x] Reject plain-text logins

I did not set Dovecot yet. Not sure what options I need.

Anyone can help?

Me no sorry.
But please read forum rules, the part of saying post your versions if asking for support. :wink:

Also if errors the output of that log files.
And important configurations then these settings also.

Well I could post the versions but I don’t mind switching version if needed so I am more interested in a ‘standard’ configuration for postfix/dovecot on linux and I am using Thunderbid as my email client. The server is just a basic LAMP using debian.

I guess nobody has time to help.

Is there some documentation somewhere about webmin/dovecot/postfix. I looked at the webmin documentation but it looks like screenshots with no descriptions:

Old and not using good gramar.

Maybe you recognize parts and finding in the links in that topic solutions or anyway things to test or think about