How to clean up Bootup and Shutdown page

I have uninstalled bunch of modules, which I did not need on my server, however they all still show on Bootup and Shutdown page of Webmin. Is there any way to clean them so that I could concentrate on monitoring only those modules, which are left on the system?

Normally, the entries on that page should correspond to files in /etc/init.d (on Debian/Ubuntu, location might vary for other distros).

What distro are you using, and can you give a concrete example of a package you uninstalled and that still shows up in Webmin? And, what exactly did you mean with that you uninstalled some “modules”?

According to its man page, the command “chkconfig” does not actually delete init scripts (which I’d have found quite dangerous anyway), but just (en/)disables services at boot time. So it’s all normal that the services still show up in Webmin. You could have disabled them in Webmin too by the way. :slight_smile:

I think it’s not a good idea to just delete the init scripts. If you really wish to fully get rid of the services, you should uninstall them properly via the package manager.

I don’t remember on which site I found instructions, but I downloaded and ran:

Strange, but the script was supposed to remove the programms in its list from /etc/init.d, I have looked at the folder and they are still there. Maybe its because /etc/init.d actually is a simlink to /etc/init.d -> rc.d/init.d? I wonder is it safe if I delete them manually or by changing the script?

I am on CentOS5.

Thank you for a valuable advice. I think I can bear switched off services list on my Webmin.