How to check Apache Status like in WHM in webmin?


I see in WHM that Apache status can be viewed and it shows details like below. I’m wondering is it possible to view that in Webmin/Virtualmin too?

Current Time: Tuesday, 30-Oct-2012 08:53:24 NOVT Restart Time: Wednesday, 24-Oct-2012 21:01:53 NOVT Parent Server Generation: 76 Server uptime: 5 days 11 hours 51 minutes 31 seconds Total accesses: 329447 - Total Traffic: 7.2 GB CPU Usage: u244.16 s90.6 cu1909.23 cs0 - .473% CPU load .694 requests/sec - 16.0 kB/second - 23.0 kB/request 1 requests currently being processed, 12 idle workers ........ and a lot more stuff ...


Are you using Virtualmin? Or just Webmin?

If you have Virtualmin installed there, you can see status related information when you log in by viewing the System Information screen (which is what displays by default in the right frame).


Hi Eric,

I’m using both but I dont see what I’m looking for. The part I’m most interested at is to know how many requests apache is serving now…something WHM is showing like 1 requests currently being processed, 12 idle workers

Thank you!

Unfortunately, the number of Apache processes that are working and idle isn’t something that Virtualmin displays.


Okie, thank you!

Is there a command I can to see the process? I’m on CentOS5.

you can do it by add this lines to apache virtual host (Domain):

< Location /server-status>
SetHandler server-status
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
< /Location>

Hope this help you.

That’d be pretty easy to add to Virtualmin. It’s just never been requested, and I usually don’t find it useful (apache is never the bottleneck, so I never try to figure out what it’s doing…I’m always looking at the app or the database). I wouldn’t want to see it on the main dashboard page (too much clutter), but I’ll add it to my todo list to add it somewhere that can be clicked to from the main menu or the dashboard.